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Thank You JCFL,Again  - Yad Eliezer

Many thanks to The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

Monday, Sep. 29, 2014. 2:52 AM

Established in 1954, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles is the largest manager of charitable assets and the leader in planned giving solutions for Greater Los Angeles Jewish philanthropists. The Foundation currently manages assets of more than $900 million and ranks among the 11 largest Los Angeles foundations... READ MORE

IDF soldiers living in poverty - Yad Eliezer

IDF soldiers living in Poverty

Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014. 2:39 AM

In a letter published this week, dozens of soldiers explained that the military salary that they receive is not enough to cover their basic needs. They normally work when they are on break from the army, but since they were on active duty most of the summer, they have not been able to work... READ MORE

A thank you letter from a parent -Yad Eliezer

How do you say thank you for a miracle?

Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014. 2:09 AM

  Dear Mrs. Tropper, Yossi Kaufman and the staff at Yad Eliezer,    ... READ MORE

Help for Rosh HaShana 2014 - Yad Eliezer

Rosh HaShana is approaching

Thursday, Sep. 4, 2014. 5:31 AM

In the office and warehouse of Yad Eliezer the wheels are turning- lists are being made and orders are being placed. We turn to you at this time to help us make the upcoming holidays a complete celebration for Israel's poor... READ MORE

School supplies for those in need - Yad Eliezer

The Other War

Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014. 6:48 AM

The first day of first grade is supposed to be exciting and fresh, but little Miriam of Netivot isn't looking forward to it at all... READ MORE

Distribution for residents of southern Israel and the IDF

Distribution for residents of southern Israel and the IDF

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014. 4:59 AM

This month Yad Eliezer distributed to residents of southern Israel and to IDF soldiers: $14,000 baby formula $55,000  food boxes  $107,000 soldiers care packages and clothing ... READ MORE

Yad Eliezer's 2013 Annual Report - Yad Eliezer

Yad Eliezer is proud to present our 2013 Annual Report-

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014. 2:32 AM

Why the Deloitte accounting firm praised Yad Eliezer's efficiency and effectiveness. How Yad Eliezer helped over 5000 families during the winter storm... READ MORE

'Stand behind Israel' Campaign Success  - Yad Eliezer

Over $650,000 Raised in 'Stand behind Israel' Campaign!

Sunday, Jul. 27, 2014. 6:51 AM

This week our efforts continue: 400,000₪ of food vouchers will be distributed to families living in poverty and under fire in Ashdod. Each of the poor communities of Netivot, Tifrach, Ofakim and Ashkelon with receive: 120 food boxes, 350 high quality games, 200 boxes of baby formula and $10... READ MORE

Photo gallery 3 SBI

Photo gallery 3 SBI

Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014. 6:48 AM

To view the complete photo gallery click here. READ MORE

Stand Behind Israel - Yad Eliezer

$400K! We are doubling our efforts!

Monday, Jul. 21, 2014. 5:31 AM

The lives of hundreds of thousands of poor families who struggle under ordinary circumstances to stay afloat have been completely overturned by constant rocket fire. Business has ground to a halt, children are unable to leave the homes... READ MORE

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