Hunger in Israel

Tonight Hundreds of Thousands of Impoverished Israelis Will Go To Sleep Hungry

Living with hunger as a daily struggle is devastating, yet for over 400,000 families in Israel, hunger is the pervasive inescapable reality of their lives. Among them are more than 600,000 small children. These children and adults survive on infrequent, meager meals high in carbohydrates - often bread and margarine. Diets lacking in meat, dairy products, fruits, or vegetables result in various health problems caused by malnutrition.

Hunger is a vicious cycle, impairing a person's ability to function in every arena of life. Constant hunger makes it hard to get a job, be a competent parent, or even to maintain a marriage. For children, hunger makes it difficult to learn or to get along with classmates in school. Hunger, broken homes, failure in school and crime often go hand in hand.

With Yad Eliezer, your charity can break the poverty cycle.

Every day we meet courageous people who, with a little bit of help, are able to break out of the cycle, find gainful employment, and make big improvements in their lives. With our help, parents are able to meet their children's needs, giving them a chance to live a full, healthy and meaningful life.

Discover how it all began with one hungry neighbor in 1979...

Solution: Yad Eliezer Food Box Donations

Donate Food Boxes

Food Boxes for Over 20,000 People Every Month

Yad Eliezer food boxes stand between some 6,000 families and the hunger that would debilitate them. About 72,880 food boxes were distributed in 2015. Food boxes contain the essentials: rice, beans, pasta, sugar, flour, oil, laundry detergent, and other necessities. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are provided through the Yad Eliezer Surplus Produce Program as well. By supplying food to the home rather than feeding people in a soup kitchen, Yad Eliezer helps families to maintain a sense of normalcy, dignity, and stability despite their economic constraints. Since the package arrives in a regular unmarked carton, children and neighbors need not know that the supplies arrived from Yad Eliezer and not from the local market.

Your charity dollar goes farther because ongoing relationships with farmers and food wholesalers allow Yad Eliezer to purchase these products at greatly discounted prices. Overhead costs remain below 4% thanks to thousands of volunteers all over Israel who assist in the massive project of packing and distributing food boxes. A careful evaluation process ensures that food boxes are distributed only to those in need. That means that your donation to Yad Eliezer feeds more hungry people. Many thousands of grateful recipients literally survive on these pantry essentials.

Make an impact with Yad Eliezer -- feed the hungry today!

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