No Celebration for Him

Thousands of Families Cannot Afford a Bar Mitzvah For Their Children

Many Jewish boys look forward to their bar mitzvahs for years before the event. They will finally be considered an adult and have the priviledge of donning tefillin. But what about the Jewish boys who cannot afford tefillin, let alone a celebration?

While all of his friends are honored with lavish receptions, new suits, new shoes, and shiny boxes of tefillin, the boy from a poverty-stricken home will be deeply disappointed as he watches from the sidelines knowing that he will enjoy none of that. His special day will come and go with no celebration at all.

Yad Eliezer wants to enable every Jewish boy to celebrate his bar mitzvah with pride.

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Yad Eliezer's Solution

Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Bar Mitzvah Celebrations for Some 80 Boys Every Year

Yad Eliezer has been proudly sponsoring modest celebrations for bar mitzvah boys from poor families since 2004. The popular Bar Mitzvah Project program allows thirteen-year-olds from around the world to share their special day with a fellow bar mitzvah boy from an impoverished home in Israel.

Discounted prices from participating clothing and shoe stores allow Yad Eliezer bar mitzvah boys to purchase a new suit and a new pair of shoes for their special occasion. This may be the first new set of clothing these boys have ever owned. Participating tefillin suppliers partner with Yad Eliezer to provide brand-new tefillin at a fraction of the going rate.

Give the greatest gift to the Bar Mitzvah boy in your life by bringing joy and pride to into the life of another bar mitzvah boy. What a beautiful way to enhance your celebration!

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Help a poor boy in Israel celebrate his Bar Mitzvah with pride – join the Bar Mitzvah Project program today!

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