Trapped At Home

As You Read This, Hundreds in Israel Sit Waiting for a Knock at the Door

Many of Israel’s elderly, disabled, and mentally incapacitated have little help in their daily lives. Thousands of men and women in compromised situations are incapable of preparing meals for themselves. Being trapped at home without the capacity to go out and see other people can be emotionally crippling. The incapacitated cannot clean their own homes or sometimes even open the windows. Loneliness and hunger can break the spirit. These unseen members of society are easy to forget and easier to ignore, but they’re the ones who need our help the most.

Yad Eliezer’s Meals-on-Wheels reach out to help those who cannot help themselves.

Yad Eliezer's Solution

Donate Hot Meals in Israel

Hot Meals Hand-Delivered to Over 350 Homes Every Week

Throughout Israel, some two thousand people sit waiting for the knock on the front door signalling that their Yad Eliezer volunteer has arrived with several hot meals and a warm smile. The food, delivered before Shabbat, includes several courses. Despite budgetary constraints, Yad Eliezer tries to deliver enough food to last through at least part of the week. “For example, for a family of four we try to deliver eight portions,” explains Milka Benziman, Yad Eliezer’s Director of Social Services.

Since hundreds of volunteers supplement Yad Eliezer’s chickens and wedding meal leftovers with recipes prepared in their own homes, recipients are delighted by Yad Eliezer’s sensitivity to their individual tastes: Sephardic families are honoured with spicier Sephardic recipes, Ashkenazi families by more typical Ashkenazi fare. A fleet of over fifty volunteer drivers pick up and hand-deliver the meals to the homebound. These large numbers of volunteers helping to run the program mean that your donation goes farther: Yad Eliezer overhead costs slip under the wire at under 4% annually.

Help those who cannot help themselves – feed the homebound in Israel with Yad Eliezer’s Meals-on-Wheels today!

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