Early Learning Disabilities

Out of Every Five Kids-at-Risk, Four May Suffer From an Untreated Learning Disability

Can you keep up? When an elementary school child cannot keep up with the other kids in his class, his self esteem plummets. The frustration and disappointment of his parents and teachers can set up patterns that are hard to break. Early learning disabilities, if left undiagnosed and untreated, play a significant role in turning otherwise healthy children into statistics. Yet 10% of all elementary school children in Israel suffer from untreated learning disabilities today.

Many parents in Israel do not appreciate the need for specialized diagnosis and treatment for their child’s academic problems. For thousands of families in Israel beneath the poverty line, the escalating expenses these services incur are simply out of the question. Even for those who do hire private tutors, treatments taking place after late school hours often are of little benefit to tired, hungry children. Poverty begins with poor education.

Yad Eliezer is committed to intervention for our children’s education in Israel.

Yad Eliezer's Solution

Shalhevet Early Childhood Intervention Initiative

Early Learning Intervention for Some Three Hundred Children Annually

Yad Eliezer’s Shalhevet Early Learning Initiative was created to give children in Israel the tools to succeed. Today, over twenty elementary schools in the Jerusalem area partner with Yad Eliezer for the Shalhevet Early Learning Initiative.

Schools that have been accepted to the program are responsible to map their student body for potential Shalhevet beneficiaries. Information about these students is presented to the Shalhevet offices for assessment, including criteria such as low socio-economic status. Tutors and diagnosticians for selected students are brought into Israeli schools in order to ensure that children from underprivileged families will receive the help that they need. Treatment takes place during morning hours when children are best able to process new material.

Early diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities in elementary school children changes their future. Imagine what your life would be like if you had never learned to read. But hundreds more students in over twenty more Israeli elementary schools are waiting for Yad Eliezer to garner the financial resources to add their school to the Shalhevet roster. Your donation allows children who were unable to read, write, or master other basic academic skills get on track within as little as three months – another statistic nipped in the bud.

Give a child in Israel the gift of success – donate to the Yad Eliezer Shalhevet Early Learning Initiative today!

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