Lack of Dental Care

For the Poor of Israel, Dental Care Comes Last

Israelis enjoy a relatively high standard of public health care thanks to a nationally regulated system ensuring inexpensive medical coverage. However, until recently certain treatments were not covered by these insurance policies, including all dental care. Recently the law changed and dental care is now provided by public insurance to children up to age 12. Teens and adults are not covered.

Dental care is important because bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream, leading to increased risk for cardiovascular disease, periodontal disease, and other serious conditions. Decayed or lost teeth can even make it difficult to eat and speak. For the poor of Israel, dental expenses loom larger and larger as conditions worsen until the pain can no longer be ignored.

Yad Eliezer wants to ensure that, for families in Israel, good health is affordable.

Yad Eliezer's Solution

Free Dental Clinics

Over 20,000 Free and Subsidized Dental Treatments Every Year

Yad Eliezer is combating poor health among Israel’s poor with dental clinics in Safed and Tiberias. Yad Eliezer’s state-of-the-art, professionally staffed dental clinics have provided free or highly discounted treatment for over three thousand children, teens and adults in northern Israel. It doesn’t end with treatments: Yad Eliezer brings dental hygiene classes, examinations, and free toothbrushes into elementary schools throughout cities benefitting from a Yad Eliezer dental clinic. The clinics are welcomed by dentists throughout participating cities since, “[impoverished] children visiting Yad Eliezer clinics would never have come to us in any case.”

Your charity dollar goes further thanks to Yad Eliezer’s partnership with city municipalities in participating locations. Other city municipalities, such as the municipalities of Ashdod and Kiryat Sefer, have contacted Yad Eliezer offering their utmost cooperation in setting up local clinics and Yad Eliezer looks forward to implementing these offers with your help. Yad Eliezer takes pleasure in honoring donations over $500 with certificates in our dental clinics.

Give the gift of good health – support the Yad Eliezer Dental Clinics today!

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