The Darkness of Poverty

This Chanuka as we celebrate let us take the opportunity to bring lights into the lives of others- sharing our blessings with families who struggle to find light in their lives.

Chanuka is a holiday of light. As winter blows cold against the window panes, thousands of tiny golden flames illuminate the streets of Israel. It’s a magical time. But what is taking place in the homes hidden behind the warm, cheerful lights?

This Chanuka, thousands of children in Israel will still go to sleep hungry. Going to school to hear about the new toys and clothes that classmates received for Chanuka gifts is very painful when your own family doesn’t even have enough money to provide you with a sandwich for lunch.

As you light your Chanuka candles, light up the lives of poor children in Israel.

Light Up a Life With Yad Eliezer


Yad Eliezer illuminates the darkness for over 20,000 families in Israel today. That’s over 80,000 children.

Our aim is to change the face of the next generation- that children being raised in homes below the line of poverty will be given what they need in order to rise above their challenges, and reach achievements far beyond the limitations of their youth. In order to do so, we provide 1800 babies each month with formula, saving them from the mental and physical ravages of early malnutrition.We provide over 4,500 large food boxes monthly to families who would otherwise be lacking vital nutrition. Big Brothers and Big Sisters are arranged for over 3,500 young kids-at-risk in a program that has proven itself capable of keeping kids off of the streets and investing in their studies. 800 children needing tutoring to help them overcome their learning disabilities are assisted each year.

Yad Eliezer is changing the face of Israeli society on a daily basis. It’s not just crisis cleanup. It’s helping those in need put the best foot forward towards a brighter future.

Join the Yad Eliezer family and make an impact for Israel. Your Yad Eliezer Chanuka donations can be made in honor of your loved ones or in memory of friends and family. As you celebrate the holiday of light, your joy will run deeper with the knowledge that you have put a smile on the face of a hungry child.

This Chanuka, give a gift that makes a difference. Light up a life with Yad Eliezer. Let’s celebrate together.

Yad Eliezer would like to thank Joe Utsler, Avital Pinnick, and Mike Sussman for contributing their photography to this non-profit charity endeavor.

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