Feed-A- Baby Program

There are babies in Israel who suffer from infant malnutrition today. The consequences of malnutrition at such an early stage of life can include brain damage, developmental retardation, growth retardation, goitre, blindness, anemia, and a host of other tragic conditions. Worst of all, many of these impairments are entirely avoidable through nothing other than proper nutrition.

For just $1 a day, Yad Eliezer's Feed-a-Baby program answers the cries of Israel's hungry infants to ensure healthy physical and mental development during the critical first months of life. Yad Eliezer provides babies with the full amount of formula necessary for proper nutrition. As nutritional sensitivities and needs differ between children, we select formula type according to every infant's individual needs.

Wholesale business relationships with infant formula suppliers allow Yad Eliezer to purchase infant formula at half the retail price. Some 150 volunteers distribute the formula nationwide at no extra cost. Careful evaluation ensures that formula is distributed only to those with no other recourse to feed their infants. This means that your donation to Yad Eliezer truly feeds the babies who do not have where to turn.

Feed-A- Baby in Honor of my Bat Mitzvah!

In honor of my Bat Mitzvah, I have compiled a cookbook which I am selling, with all proceeds to Yad Eliezer, the largest poverty relief organization in Israel.  100% of every donation will be used to provide baby formula for malnourished babied in Israel.

I chose this program because young children need food in order to become successful in life. There are over 50,000 impoverished babies in Israel.  Children who do not receive proper nutrition in their first year of life can suffer brain damage, blindness, anemia, and other tragic conditions- most of which can be prevented with proper nutrition.

The cookbooks that you purchase can help these children.  My goal is to feed 10 infants for a year, and since feeding a baby for a year costs $360, I need to sell 200 cookbooks to accomplish this goal.

Thank you!


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