SHIVA - Jewish Mourning

Jewish tradition has various customs regarding mourning the loss of a loved one.

Sitting Shiva literally means sitting for seven days. After the funeral of a first degree relative (sibling, child, parent or spouse) mourners spend seven days commemorating the life of their loved one. During that time friends and relatives visit and speak about the family member who passed on. There are many traditions surrounding this practice, and one of them is to donate to charity in honor of the person being mourned.

Yad Eliezer Condolence and Shiva Cards

Condolence cards can be sent in honor of a shiva acknowledging the loss of the mourner and commemorating the family member. The Yad Eliezer condolence card is inscribed with the traditional expression of condolence, "May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem", and states that a donation has been made in honor of the passing of the recipient's loved one. Your donation will be used to benefit the impoverished families of Israel.

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