Shattered Lives

The Future of Over 50,000 of Israel's Children Is In Jeopardy

Some children grow up in homes with parents who love them and plenty of food to eat. Other children grow up in homes where insults, screams, and physical violence echo off the walls. A parent may suffer from a mental illness such as clinical depression and never have reached out for help. Other parents may be stretched to breaking point by life circumstances beyond their control such as terrorism, divorce, unemployment, medical emergencies, or unbearable loss. Many children grow up in a home where one parent, usually the father, is entirely absent.

Whatever the reason, today over fifty thousand children in Israel do not receive the care that they need. Lacking the support and the resources to function in society, these children are poised to become the next generation of Israel’s dependent and dysfunctional. Escalating numbers of minors involved in theft, crime, and substance abuse tell the story all too well.

Yad Eliezer will not stand by as the lives of Israel’s children are shattered to pieces.

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Yad Eliezer's Solution

Big Brothers and Sisters

Big Brothers and Big Sisters for Over 3,500 Children in Israel Today

A healthy, loving parent figure can make the difference between perpetuating a dysfunctional lifestyle or making different choices. Yad Eliezer’s Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program steps into the breach for some 3,500 children in Israel today. Many of these children lack positive role models, but Big Brothers and Big Sisters are carefully selected married adults who are fully prepared to open their hearts and their homes to their “little brother” or “little sister” - almost all under age thirteen - before they reach the streets.

Program commitments include several hours a week spent playing together, going on outings, and preparing homework together. However, program expectations and results go far beyond that. Yad Eliezer Big Brothers and Big Sisters regularly have their “little brothers” and “little sisters” over for Shabbat meals, advocate for them in school, take them on day-trips with their families during vacations, and welcome them into their personal lives in a plethora of other ways. The relationship between Yad Eliezer mentors and children is on-going and built to last: Yad Eliezer holds regular consultation sessions and conferences for mentors as well as events for mentors and their “little brothers” and “little sisters” several times a year.

The continuing effect this Yad Eliezer program is having on Israeli society is enormous. Municipalities throughout the country have tracked significantly lowered crime rates since the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program began running in their cities, granting the Big Brothers Program and the Yad Tzvi Baruch Big Sisters Program numerous prizes and accolades. However, well over 2,500 girls and boys are still on the waiting list for financial subsidization. With your donations, these children will be given a future.

Give a child in Israel a future -- donate to the Yad Eliezer Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program today!

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