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When one thinks of IDF soldiers bravely serving out in the field- whether they're manning checkpoints, guarding security posts, operating defense systems or performing a myriad of other services to protect Israeli citizens, it is hard to imagine that thousands of them are better fed on base than they are in their own homes. Sadly, poverty among Israeli soldiers is not a new phenomenon but one that is only intensified when the holidays come around. 
And it is a phenomenon that Yad Eliezer works to combat.
Our Holiday Program for IDF Soldiers aims to help three basic categories of chayalim: 
Lone soldiers, many of whom have no family in Israel and no one to fall back on in times of need
Married soldiers whose army stipends are simply not large enough to adequately support their families
Demobilized soldiers who are pursuing an education and are in need of financial assistance
This HIgh Holiday Season, let's make a difference in their lives once again! With your help we hope to raise $150,000 which will be matched by a U.S. foundation, totaling $300,000.
Every donation counts: a contribution of just $50 will provide a $100 food voucher to a soldier in need.
Together, we can enable hungry soldiers and their families to celebrate their freedom with dignity.

All donations are U.S. and Israeli tax-deductible


(Images courtesy of flkr IDF

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