Rising Unemployment

Minimum wage is not enough

Does your job feed your family?

Going to work has always been seen as the panacea for poverty. If only poor people would go to work/find jobs/gain employment… then, the problem of poverty would be solved. But as is so often the case with “cure-all solutions,” this one may be true – but not completely.

In December of 2015, Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII or Bituach Leumi) published in it's report that Israel’s employment rate had risen – but so had its poverty rate. More people are working, but more people are living below the poverty line. The minimum wage in Israel is equivilent to $6.59, which means that a family can have two parents working for minimum wage and still not be able to provide for the basic needs of their children. 


Yad Eliezer's Solution

Job Training in Israel

Increase earning potential

Yad Eliezer's goal is not only to provide for Israel's needy, but ultimately to break the cycle of poverty by enabling individuals and families to become self-sufficient and independent. Yad Eliezer's job training and microfinancing program gives people the tools to build a better future.

Individuals wishing to benefit from the program undergo a comprehensive assesment to find a way that they can maximize their skills and talents in a way that will be sufficiently profitable that they will be able to support their families. They then recieve either a microfinancing grant that will help them to open a business, up to 60% of the tuition that they need to recieve training in their field (a Yad Eliezer staff member often negotiates with the school or training provider in order to provide coverage for the remaining 40%), or for individuals that have received a scholarship for their studies- a monthly stipend is provided to keep the family afloat until the training course has been completed.

Employees with a basic degree can earn as much as double the amount that they would have made without the degree. It is heartbreaking to see smart and motivated students held back because they cannot pay tuition.

Since 2004, the Yad Eliezer Job Training Program has provided men and women in Israel with the skills they need to become productive in a trade or profession. A high retention rate of over 90% attests to the careful screening, and to the persevering nature of the participants. The best way to give charity is to help the poor become self-sufficient. Investing in the training of determined participants will have far reaching impact on their lives, and the lives of their families.

Help men and women in Israel to step into their future – donate to the Yad Eliezer Job Training Program today!


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