Too Costly Emergencies

For the Poor, Emergencies Can Mean Total Devastation

For a family who is just barely putting food on the table, an unexpected emergency can mean total crisis. Repair of a broken water pipe may leave the family with no money for food or medicine, exacerbating an existing health condition. Such emergencies can have a domino effect, resulting in eviction from the home, food deprivation, or deterioration of a medical problem. The affects are exponentially devastating, as money set aside for regular expenses is applied towards the emergency, and the family spirals almost instantly into debt.

For the poor, consequences of emergencies may last for years. Worse, though, is the knowledge that if only there had been enough money to cover the emergency, the family would never have had to slip into poverty.

Yad Eliezer is there to make sure that emergencies do not have to spell disaster.


Yad Eliezer's Solution

Jewish Charity Fund

Emergency Assistance for Thousands of Families Each Year 

The Yad Eliezer Emergency Fund assists families struck with a one-time crisis they cannot afford. The Emergency Fund aims to save a family from collapse as a result of an unexpected situation, by providing the funds to cover the emergency. The nature of each situation varies widely, but the common factor is that they all must be addressed immediately. A relatively small, but well-placed sum can serve to stave off a downward spin and prevent the onset of a debilitating financial situation.

Limited funding has made maintaining an in-house electrician and handyman for this program untenable, forcing Yad Eliezer to rely on expensive outsourcing to provide emergency aid. Dozens of calls to the Yad Eliezer offices every day bear witness to the hundreds of families who would benefit from this service but are faced with the Emergency Fund’s limited budget.

Avert crisis for a family in Israel – donate to the Yad Eliezer Emergency Fund today!

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