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by Shalvi Weissman

0 Comments | Thursday, August 07, 2014 under Volunteering

Maya Grove (8) along with her sisters Temima (6) and Tova (4) found a way to support Israel all the way from Baltimore. Maya and her sisters made a big sign, and called some of their friends to help. Together they had brownies, blondies, cookies, cakes and drinks. They let the neighbors know about the bake sale, and it was a huge success. The community was glad to enjoy the delicacies and support Israel, and the young idealists who had done the baking!

Chana, the girls' mother adds:

"My goal was to help my kids feel connected to eretz yisrael and allow them to feel like they could do something positive that would impact the situation.It is very hard to explain the war to children without making it scary. We have been saying Tehillim and davening but wanted to do more. So, when the kids brainstormed the idea of making a bake sale and donating the money to Yad Eliezer, I was very happy to help. Some people threw he money out while driving because they couldn't stop but wanted to partake in this special mitzvah! It turned into the busiest lemonade/bake stand we have ever run and within two hrs raised $137.25! We could not be more proud! We chose Yad Eliezer because of the endless goodness it does for Klal Yisroel in so many different aspects and our goal was to help the soldiers and families in the south and Yad Eliezer provided us with that oppurtunity.

"May we soon see an end to this fighting for good and my children and all our children can see a world full of Shalom!"

Chana Grove


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