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Pesach is coming, but will they feel the freedom?

by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Thursday, April 07, 2016 under News & Events , Holiday Fund, Israel's Heroes

Help us support Israeli families to celebrate Pesach

For thousands of years the Jewish people have helped less fortunate families to celebrate Pesach with joy. The Talmud mentions the tradition of "Maot Chitim" whereby money was given to poor families to buy grains that were ground and baked into Matzot. Today the details have changed, but the need is as great as ever, and Yad Eliezer is working overtime to help disadvantaged families to celebrate with joy.

Thousands of families and 300 IDF soldiers have already received food vouchers that will allow them to shop for the holidays at major supermarket chains while maintaining their dignity. 700 widows have received a genrous stipend to meet their holiday needs, and assistance to hundreds of single parent families is on the way. In addition, 4 tons of meat have already been order to be distributed to 1200 families living in poor communities in Israel. Each family will receive 10 lbs of meat, enough for a full week of celebration.

There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli families living below the poverty line, and many of them are turning to us for help this holiday season. As the requests continue to pour in, your help is as important as ever. We now have a special matching opportunity - for every dollar donated now our benefactor will donate a dollar, up to $350,000. That means that every $100 dollars you donate now is worth $200 for the families who need it most!

Please join us now. We can't bear to say no to the hundreds of valid requests that are coming in each day. Yet we can't help them without you!

Donate now. Your help will make the difference. When you sit down with your family to your Pesach celebration you will know that you have brought the Pesach joy to many other families as well. Let's make this a truly happy Passover!


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