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It's COOOOOLD outside, but our hearts are warmed

by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Thursday, January 28, 2016 under Clothing and Shoe Exchange

Support families in need in Israel through our Winter-Warmth Campaign

There was a little snow in Israel earlier this week, and while it is now melted and gone the weather is still VERY cold, hovering just around zero. Unfortunately, most Israeli homes are not built for this sort of weather. Storm windows are virtually unheard of, and proper insulation is very rare. In this weather pipes and water heaters often burst, and leaks and even breath condensation in small apartments can lead to mold. When finances are tight many families hold back on the heat, that is if they even have heaters and electricity, which not everyone does.

This year Yad Eliezer has distributed 5000 coats, 8500 comforters and a few hundred heaters through Winter-Warmth Campaign. Every day we pay gas and heating bills to keep the homes of poor families warm.

While it would have been worth the effort to warm even one heart - to help even one child to stay healthy and be able to sleep through the night without being awakened by the cold, we have helped thousands to have warm memories of this winter.

We wanted to share with you this moving letter that we received from Boys Town Jerusalem:

Dear Yad Eliezer,

Your recent contribution to Boys Town Jerusalem was a true gift of love. The young men who received the blankets and coats which you donated have seen their share of difficulties in life. Some are orphans, others are from single-parent homes, some are new immigrants, but all are from families which are struggling to face poverty. If not for you, many of them do not have anyone who could provide them with a warm winter coat.

At Boys Town Jerusalem, these students are currently studying an advanced technological curriculum in our College of Applied Engineering. They are being prepared to serve in top IDF technological units where they will make valuable contributions to Israel’s security and wellbeing.

Your gift of blankets and coats, in the heart of Jerusalem’s cold winter, gave our students not only warmth but also encouragement and care. On their behalf, and on behalf of the entire Boys Town Jerusalem family, I thank you.


Shoshana Kory

Boys Town Jerusalem

You too can support Israeli families in need with our wide range of charity programs


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