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Boots, umbrellas, coats and smiles...

by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Tuesday, December 13, 2016 under Clothing and Shoe Exchange

Donate warm winter clothes for Israeli families in need

The idea of children missing school because of their poverty is simply heartbreaking. When a child misses weeks of school in first grade he will have a very hard time making up the lost material and learning to read. When I asked her how much it would cost to properly outfit all of her children she made calculations and told me a very reasonable sum.

A generous donor from the Yad Eliezer family agreed to cover the cost, and my neighbor and her husband sat down to make a shopping list. Only a few days later the mission was accomplished. With our Winter-Warmth Campaign, New umbrellas, thermal underwear, boots, hats, raincoats and socks for all of the children - and just in time! Today a storm blew in and it has been pouring all day in northern Israel. But that's ok, my neighbors are prepared... and they will be in school tomorrow!

Here is a thank you letter that they shared:

A HUGE thank you to Yad Eliezer and their donors who made it possible for my children to stay warm and dry this winter.

We didn’t even know how we would send our kids to school without them being totally soaked by the twenty minute walk. We even considered keeping them at home on the rainy days.

Then Yad Eliezer stepped in.

We were able to buy coats, thermal undergarments, boots, socks and stockings, raincoats and umbrellas. We got lots of happy smiles as well, but they were a free added gift!

Thank you so much for making our children so happy and keeping them healthy this winter. As I write the rain is pouring down outside, but in my heart there is only warmth.

Thank you!

The W. Family

Northern Israel
Last week I heard from one of my neighbors that they were so inadequately prepared for the winter weather that she and her husband were considering leaving their kids home from school on rainy or cold days so that they wouldn't get sick from exposure. She explained that most of her kids did not have proper boots, hats, scarves, or even umbrellas. There was one rainy day and all of her kids came home soaked to the bones. Since they couldn't afford the clothing they needed they simply resigned themselves to keeping the kids at home.


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