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A New Beginning

by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Thursday, September 14, 2017 under Holiday Fund

Donate to families in need in Israel before the high holidays

Dani works full time in an effort to provide for his children. His wife, Esther was also working part time until debilitating post-partum depression made it impossible for her to function, much less work outside of the home. She has been released from hospitalization, but is still struggling to get out of bed in the morning and face her crying baby and the rest of the obligations. The debts have accumulated, and as the holiday approaches Dani needs to find someone else to borrow from if he wants to put apples and honey on his holiday table. Their children have gotten used to meager meals, but they are hoping that at least on the holidays they will have more substantial sustenace.

Anat is a single mother of four. Her ex-husband quite literally broke her heart, but not her spirit. Since the separation she has suffered from a heart condition that made it impossible to keep up her cleaning job to bring in an income and provide for her children. The children's father provides no support, neither financial, material or emotional. When the electric company threatened to cut off their electricity for lack of payment, Anat had nobody to turn to aside from Yad Eliezer. Now as the holiday approaches there is nothing we want more than to put a smile on their faces and some nourishing food on their table.

There are thousands more like them. But to us they aren't just a number, there's Shlomo the single father who works in a supermarket and overcame his pride to ask his boss if he could take home some of the damaged produce to feed his children. There's David who suffers from Crohn's disease and has just come home from his fourth operation. There's Dassi who quit her job to take care of her mother who is suffering from kidney failure. Each one has a face, has hopes for the future, and children who get hungry when a day goes by with only bread and margarine.

We are here to help them, but we can't do it without you. Our dedicated staff faces real people with heartbreaking circumstances every single day. Many times a day. What will happen if we don't have the funds to help all of them? The thought of empty holiday tables with no apples and honey, no challah and chicken soup is terribly distressing. Yet right now the amount that we need is far greater than the donations that have come in. We can't do this without you! We don't want to turn away any legitimate request. Please join us now and make this a truly happy and sweet new year for every family in need.

You and your family will enjoy the sweetness of knowing that another family is sitting down to a joyous and festive meal thanks to your generosity. Let's all start the year off right!

Please donate now. Dani, Esther, Anat and thousands of others are waiting.
As Rosh HaShanah approaches, the staff at Yad Eliezer is busier than ever. The requests are pouring in at a dizzying pace. Here are just a few:


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