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A High Holiday Thank You

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Monday, October 23, 2017 under Holiday Fund

Israel’s Largest Poverty Relief Organization: Yad Eliezer + You

Yad Eliezer is always grateful for the support we receive from our donors worldwide. Without it, we couldn’t provide help to the people we do, throughout the year. And when the “big” holidays approach? The need is especially great. If you’ve ever visited our offices and seen the lines of people stretching out the door, you’ve seen firsthand, a glimpse of what that need looks like. This High Holiday season was no different but once again thanks to you, our donors, we were able to help so many. From individual donations of every size, to large grants from organizations (such as one we received for $5,000 from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles), we are so grateful and we thank you because every dollar counts. Every donation is crucial.

Because of your generosity, just in time for the holidays....
4000 food boxes made their way to homes throughout the country
1800 babies were fed with Materna
765 almanos were comforted through your help
1000+ single mothers were provided with support for their families
Thousands of families in need were able to celebrate with dignity

You made a meaningful difference for all of them-changing their holidays from times of worry to times of joy.


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