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The Tradition Continues-Mishlochei Manot with Lander College

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Tuesday, February 27, 2018 under Volunteering

They're Experts at This Mitzvah, You Too Can Support our Purim Food Packages

What's a great way to get ready for Purim?

Just ask the women of Lander College who once again packed Mishlochei Manot with Yad Eliezer, for needy families in southern Israel.

While Purim is meant to be a time of festivity and happiness, it can be a time of heartbreak and disappointment for families who don't have the means to celebrate. That's why programs like this one, an evening of assembling Purim food packages, are so important. The Lander College students volunteered their time, putting together various foods, megillot Esther, costume accessories, and other fun items into beautiful packages that will be delivered in time for Purim. These bring great joy and excitement to so many families, really enhancing what would otherwise be a lackluster holiday.

The college's program coordinator says "The girls loved it and felt like they were doing such a big chessed in a fun atmosphere. They were also happy to be associated with such a special organization. It was their real way of doing matanos l'evyonim while spending their year in Israel."

We thank Lander College and their wonderful students for this special initiative which will make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many, this Purim.



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