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A Prayer for a Happy New Year

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Thursday, September 13, 2018 under Holiday Fund

Israel's Largest Charity Organization is There to Listen

Countless people come into the Yad Eliezer offices each day hoping for assistance, and their first contact is Milka, who greets each man or woman warmly, kindly, and always with a smile. Milka is on the receiving end of so many sad stories, so many people in great need who feel comfortable pouring out their hearts to her. Despite the difficult task she handles everyday, she does it with true compassion, never losing her calm demeanor. Her sensitivity is genuine and you can tell she is listening...with her heart.

Here, Milka writes of one touching, yet painful encounter she recently had with a single mother.

Prayer for a Happy New Year / Milka Benziman

She came to me, her eyes veiled in anguish
She sat down heavily, despite her slight frame
An equally heavy sigh escaped from her 
She was wrapped in grief

"I've had a hard year," she murmured. "I wasn't able to appreciate what I had until the day my daughter fell ill..
I went through many difficulties in my life. I'm a single mother... I gave up everything -
The most important thing I ever wanted was that my children should grow up in a warm and loving home ....
Now it is very hard..." she mumbled. "There is a void in my soul"

"And no matter where I am-everywhere I am, I am missing my daughter
Everything happened so quickly...

So please, I ask you- please pass on to everyone you know:
Cherish what you have
Help each other rejoice and be happy with what you have
A new year is just beginning-make it good
Give in, forgive. Don't let anger control you
Be at ease. And the main thing-give every person the benefit of the doubt."

Listening to her words, my eyes could not remain dry
At night I thought about her...I raised my eyes upwards:
Please, grant us a good year...

You can help someone in need, by making their year a little better. Check out our programs here.


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