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Every Donation is Crucial

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Sunday, October 14, 2018 under Food Boxes, Feed-a-Baby, Surplus Produce, Shabbat Chicken, Emergency Fund, Holiday Fund, Meals-on-Wheels

How You Made the Difference

Just a few weeks ago, as we do each year, we ran our High Holiday campaign. We put out the call for help, and were amazed and grateful at how, once again, our donors answered that call. Our campaign enabled us to provide thousands of dollars in food vouchers that helped a wide range of people-grushot, agunot, almanot and their children, needy IDF soldiers (some who were alone, some who went home to their parents, some who were parents themselves), families...basically, all kinds of people who were struggling to celebrate the holidays due to poverty.

Donations reached us from multiple countries and arrived in every size. And we know well that every donation is crucial, every donation counts. But I’ve had friends and acquaintances say to me, “I can only afford to donate a few dollars right now. Does my $10.00 really make a difference?” My resounding answer is always “Absolutely!” because while everyday throughout the year, I see and hear the people behind the endless stories of need, I also see and hear the endless types of help that Yad Eliezer provides for them. Which happens because of every donation. "Together We Can Make a Difference" is more than just the tagline on our homepage.

But probably the best way to get a feel of how impactful contributions to Yad Eliezer are, is by reading some of the thank you notes that we receive. There’s a large stack of them sitting next to me as I write this. And while I’d love to share them all with you, “ha’zman katzar v’hamlacha meruba”: time is short, and there’s much work to be done. So here are just a few:

I would like to thank you - really thank you, from the depths of my heart for your help with costs for yom tov. I can’t express how much of a difference you made for us. My life is not simple, I am a single mother to three small children. Keeping up with everything is not easy at all. It’s especially difficult during the chagim. Your assistance lit up the holidays for us and helped us get through hard times, more easily. Thank you! (Sara B.)

We wanted to thank you for your generous support!
It is helping us, giving us a ray of light and giving us bracha
And instead of always having to hold back, and calculate costs again and again,
We can give our children good things they like, for the holidays.
We feel like someone is out there, helping us with our burden-it makes a difference.
It gives us strength to keep going, as the holidays approach, one after the other.
May Hashem reward you for your kindness,
And may you always see brachot, plenty of them, in your lives. (Miri and Yosef G.)

Dear kind donors,
Just two months ago, I got divorced.
I’m still reeling from the shock-he took all our money, and left me with debts that I didn’t know about. I’m 53 years old, and have no family in the country. My life is complicated. Right now it’s very hard, but I must continue to move forward. I can only do so, however, because of the wondrous help from tzaddikim like you who make a difference…(Esther W.)

There you go.
Thank you for making a difference.


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