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In Time for Pesach

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Thursday, April 11, 2019 under Holiday Fund

Beresheet and Yad Eliezer: making change in space and on the ground

This week brought exciting news about Israeli innovation, both in Israel and far beyond-on the moon, actually, with the anticipated landing of the Beresheet spacecraft. The press is abuzz with details about the event including landing time and technical information. The Israel Airports Authority even listed the Moon among their flight destinations today.

While Beresheet's landing is quite a noteworthy event, something else pretty extraordinary is in progress a bit closer to home than outer space. It's on the ground in Jerusalem, at Yad Eliezer. Sure it's not getting as much media attention but it's changing the lives of thousands of people. And for those people it's the most important thing right now: distribution of food vouchers for Pesach. 

With the holiday just a week away, families in need are extra nervous. Matza is expensive. Wine and grape juice are expensive. So is produce, chicken and kosher for Pesach foods. As anyone who has gone shopping for Pesach-ever-can attest, receipts at the checkout resemble scrolls, with totals surpassing hundreds of shekels. And parents who are fighting to make ends meet during the year can only look on at the hustle and bustle at the supermarket and wonder, how will this yom tov even be possible for us?

Yad Eliezer and our donors are making it possible. The hustle and bustle at Polansky 14 rivals that of the one at the supermarket-with increasing numbers of people coming to pick up coupons as the deadline draws nearer. And there's nothing like the expression on the face of recipients once they do-the smile, the happiness and especially, the look of relief. That's the best part. 

Most of us can only imagine Beresheet's landing. Some of us may watch it online, and that will be the extent of our involvement in this historic event. 
But it's not too late for all of us to be part of something crucial and even more impactful: helping feed needy families on Pesach.
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