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Sweet Surprise

A generous donation from B&D helps feed hungry families

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Monday, August 10, 2020 under Food Boxes, Surplus Produce

There’s nothing quite like a good surprise, especially now, when the coronavirus crisis has made life so complicated. The feeling of not knowing exactly what will happen from one day to the next and the ever-changing health restrictions are unsettling and often discouraging. And for people hardest hit by the crisis, the ins and outs of just trying to get by every day can be overwhelming.

Requests for food aid have skyrocketed

Yad Eliezer has seen a significant uptick in the requests for help these last few weeks, especially for purchasing food. COVID 19 has largely cancelled summer programs for kids, so they’re spending most of their time at home, quickly emptying refrigerators and cabinets of their contents. For parents who are already familiar with living in poverty and those who are suddenly unable to support their families after losing their jobs and/or businesses, this phenomenon is increasing the terrible stress that already exists in their homes. Every day we hear more and more stories of people who used to be completely self-sufficient and are now at the point where they are forced to ask for help. The emotional toll this takes, plus the challenge of keeping the kitchen stocked, even with basics like bread, milk and eggs, is devastating.
As one of the most efficient Jewish charities for the poor, we are working as hard as ever at our warehouse in Jerusalem, packing the crucial food boxes that feed more than 5,000 families every month. But with the requests and need increasing so dramatically, it’s been more challenging to keep up with demand. 

A generous donation helps fill our food boxes

So when a large donation from the B&D food company made its way to us recently, it was especially appreciated. The donation consisted of hundreds of boxes containing various kinds of food products (the company produces a wide range of healthy items such as rice cakes, peanut butter, granola, dried fruit, etc.) and we were able to add them to our boxes being packed and shipped out. They enhanced the packages and will help fill the kitchen shelves of hungry families. B&D has been a generous contributor to Yad Eliezer in the past, but with the urgency we’ve been experiencing, this donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

We’re so grateful to B&D for taking the initiative and reaching out to help us feed the hungry. You can help us, too, by contributing to our Food Boxes program, Corona Emergency Relief Campaign or Summer Relief Campaign-all are great programs that support struggling families who are having a hard time during what is supposed to be a fun time, of the year.


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