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Nothing Like A Home Cooked Meal!

by Devorah Stieglitz

0 Comments | Monday, September 19, 2011 under Volunteering, Shabbat Chicken

One of Yad Eliezers more remarkable programs is the Home Cooked Shabbos Food program. This program matches up young women living in Jerusalem with their impoverished neighbors. This program provides a complete Shabbos meal to families who are unable to cook for Shabbos, for reasons like, sickness in the family, postpartum depression, last minute emergencies etc...

The women who buy, prepare and deliver the meal to the family’s front door, have forged strong relationships with them. They’ve expressed how meeting these families has completely changed their lives and helped them bridge the gap that once existed between them.

Just a few weeks ago, after a short summer break, one of the women had come back from visiting the States. She called us to find out if she should continue delivering Shabbos food to her assigned family. We were not clear on their current situation or if they were still in need of the food and we were unable to contact the family. We assumed that they still needed the help, so we advised the woman cooking to go ahead and just deliver the food. Shortly after the food delivery, we received a phone call from the mother of the family; she called to find out how we knew that she had just had a baby and that her family did not have a Shabbos meal?


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