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Packages For Our Troops
Operation Cast Lead, Gaza, 2008
Yad Eliezer distributed care packages to over 9,000 soldiers during Operation Cast Lead in 2008.
Yad EliezerI DF Soldier Packages
Operation Cast Lead began on December 27th, 2008. So did Yad Eliezer.
Yad Eliezer Volunteers Work at the Warehouse
Volunteers flocked to the Yad Eliezer warehouse...
Israeli Soldier Packages Prepared With Love at Yad Eliezer
...To prepare packages for soldiers...
...And have a great time!
Yad Eliezer Goes to the Front to Help Israeli Soldiers
Yad Eliezer's trucks traversed the country to reach the battlefront.
Over 9,000 soldiers were very grateful!
Showing Support to Israeli Soldiers Through Yad Eliezer
Some volunteers came along to show their support...
..To dance together...
...And to pray together.
All the way from Jerusalem...
...To the battlefront in Gaza.
From the Yad Eliezer family...
Yad Eliezer Helps Those That Need It Most
...To those who needed it the most.
Help Support Israel Through Yad Eliezer
Yad Eliezer Supported Israel. You Supported Yad Eliezer.
Thank You.

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