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Stand Behind Israel- care packages
July 15, 2014
Yad Eliezer went into overdrive providing thousands of care packages to IDF soldiers, and 1400 toys to children who have been stuck for days in bomb shelters.
Thanks to the Yeshiva guys for helping us out! They handled 4000 bottles of water, 4000 hygiene wipes, and many thousands of plastic bags for packaging!
What do two thousand care packages look like?
How many pieces of gum are in here?!?
1400 high quality toys were sent to children who have spent days and nights in bomb shelters.
Many thousands of bags of treats were processed in the warehouse. Just clearing out the boxes was a big project!
Yad Eliezer the Next Generation!These kids had never seen this many treats in their lives! They happily prepared them so send to soldiers. (And tasted a few candies too :-)To see the assembly line in action click here:
Here toys are being distributed in Ofakim right outside a public shelter. Moments after this picture was taken the siren sounded, everyone ran back into the shelter, and 8 explosions were heard nearby, shaking the walls.
A mother and children enjoy a few minutes of respite and normalcy with their new game.
Dear Zeidy,Today we made care packages for soldiers in the Yad Eliezer warehouse.It was SSSSOOOOO FFFUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!Love,Yoel (age 8)

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