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Thanks to You, I can Pay my Grocery Bill..


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Donor, Tammuz 5771

I am writing this letter to describe our deep feelings of appreciation for your tremendous chessed, your assistance and gifts to the melamdim’s families.

My husband teaches elementary school-age children and spends his days and nights concerned with them through his thoughts, his speech, and his actions, B”H, we are thrilled and supportive of him. You have no idea how much encouragement and chizuk you give us with your incredible project. You empower the melamdim to continue to give more and more to their students. Certainly, you are receiving much reward for all the Torah that is being learned!

There is a common misconception that since melamdim receive a salary, they are the “rich” ones and therefore everyone remembers to help everyone else first. But really their salaries are so low and they don’t end up with much money at all. There are many times that we don’t know how we are going to make it through the month. Now, thanks to you, I can go to the makolet knowing that I’ll be able to cover the bill. It is tremendous that there is a donor that is thinking about the melamdim and is giving us substantial help for daily, basic necessities.

My husband and I, along with all the other melamdim and their families, have tremendous feelings of appreciation for your support and coupons which have been strengthening us to continue to do our wonderful work. There is someone out there who cares and specifically wants to help melamdim!

I honestly don’t know if I can successfully convey my emotions through pen and paper, but just know, that H”KBH knows people’s thoughts and motives, and knows what a difference you, and all those involved in this wonderful project, are making in our lives.

May Hashem repay you for everything you do, in ruchniyus and gashmiyus. May you see much bracha and nachas in your lives. You have an enormous part in the thousands of children learning Torah, Thank you!!

With gratitude,

R. Cohen
A Melamed's Wife

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