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Bar Mitzvah Present


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nissan 5771

To our Gracious Donors,

We would like to thank you once again with insufficient words, for your assistance during the joyous time of ours sons bar mitzvah. There is no doubt that the tremendous expenses that I am burdened with distract me from my focus of teaching children Torah. But you stepped in and literally saved us. I want to especially thank you for going out of your way to let me know in middle of the Bar Mitzvah celebration about the money you would be giving us. Your awesome mesiras nefesh removed the worry from our hearts and we was able to enjoy the Simcha so much more knowing that you were covering it. This does not only show your concern for my financial burden but it shows that you personally take interest in mine and my family’s emotional well- being.

You emulate the ways of Hashem when you give not only with with chessed, kindness, but with chen, grace, just as we say in Birchat Hamazon.

In the zchus that you follow Darchei Hashem Yisbarach, may He give you Bracha and Hatzlacha and guidance in all that you do, Yiddishe Nachas from your entire family and He should fulfill all of your Tefillos L’tova.

With hearts full of gratitude,

E.Y. and family

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