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Father Figure

by Simchi Racheli, Jerusalem

Friday, September 18, 2009

28th of Nissan, 5769 (April 22nd, 2009)

Rabbi Rafi Kugler, shlita
Rabbi Yaacobi, shlita
Yad Eliezer, Jerusalem


Allow me to begin with my thanks to the Creator of the world for His loyal messengers, may they live and be well, in every location, and for His divine providence over His creations.

It has been some five years since I appealed to the Yad Eliezer organization, following the recommendation of the superintendent of my son Aviah’s school, due to my having lived as a divorced woman since my son was half a year old. We were in need of a father figure for the child to lend him both spiritual and emotional support, to play with him, to study with him, to give him guidance when needed and it’s always needed. And thank G-d, thanks to His kindness, we merited to receive a solution through Yad Eliezer. We’re so happy that we merited the honourable Reb Eliyahu Palbani as a Big Brother, who, since he first met my son, has not considered the specific number of hours he is obligated to spend with the child but has given [unstintingly] of his strength and money, and has cared for the boy, and for us at home as well, in every way, with genuine emotion and unusually great self-sacrifice. And for this may he be repaid by the Almighty.

Words and sentences cannot depict what he has done. We have become like one family. They invite us to all their family events, and the relationship isn’t [maintained] just once a week as was actually agreed upon, but several times a week! Besides all this, he’s still part of the Big Brothers program with my son, [even] spending time with him during summer vacations every day. The support he gives my son, the caring and the selfless giving, is genuinely heroic, and this is what the Torah was talking about when it said that, “For anyone who teaches the son of his friend, it is as if [the child becomes] his own son.” That is Reb Eliyahu Palbani.

If it weren’t for the invaluable organization, Yad Eliezer, how would we receive the tremendous [help]? I think I may represent many families in need of a helping, guiding hand in many ways due to troubles that others may not be interested in writing about. All of those families, children, you care for with mesirat nefesh (self-sacrifice). With ahavat Yirsael (brotherly love) that has no parallel. And for this the Almighty will strengthen you, the members of Yad Eliezer, and will shower you with His goodness and kindness, because this is what you deserve. It is your mitzvot (good deeds) that shake up heaven. How much comfort you give to hopeless families, how many smiles you awaken on the faces of small children. Thank G-d we merited such loyal messengers as yourselves. The Almighty should strengthen you and invest you with might and divine assistance in every way.

May you be blessed from above.

With Great Deference,

Simchi Racheli, Jerusalem

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