Priorities Straight
November, 4 2009
To: Yad Eliezer
From: Nomi Berman's Gemara Shiur, Midreshet Lindenbaum '08

Dear Yad Eliezer,

With this donation comes a story. A story of a teacher who inspired her class over the course of a year. A teacher who took her students out of class time in order to help package food for destitute families because she had her priorities straight. So this class could only think of one way to thank her, by donating to an organization that meant a lot to her and, because of her, a lot to us. Therefore, our class of 13 girls proudly makes this donation to a noble cause in the name of a noble woman.


Nomi Berman’s gemara shiur at Midreshet Lindenbaum ’07-‘08

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