• Thank you letter from a teacher

    12/25/2012 — To the Generous Benefactors,I am writing this letter not only on my own behalf, but on behalf of my entire staff. Perhaps you know how hard it is to be a melamed... Read More

  • You have given me peace of mind!

    11/29/2011 — Dear Donor, I apologize that this letter has been long in coming. I have been meaning to send it for a while... Read More

  • Bar Mitzvah Present

    11/29/2011 — Nissan 5771 To our Gracious Donors,We would like to thank you once again with insufficient words, for your assistance during the joyous time of ours sons bar mitzvah... Read More

  • Thanks to You, I can Pay my Grocery Bill..

    11/29/2011 — Dear Donor, Tammuz 5771 I am writing this letter to describe our... Read More

  • New clothes, for the very first time!

    11/29/2011 — Nissan 5771 To the donors who give with their hearts, Shlita,I would like to express the intense hakaras hatov we have towards you, for what you have done for us and for the Rebbeim that... Read More

  • Feed - A - Baby

    11/21/2011 — To Yad Eliezer Feed-A-Baby Program,Enclosed is a check to sponser a baby for one year! This check represents money that our children began collecting this past PURIM! They created and... Read More

  • Thank You For All You Do

    9/2/2010 — As always, it was great seeing you last week. Thank you so much for once again distributing the holiday funds for me... Read More

  • Tamar and Etan's Wedding Card

    3/3/2010 — Dear Friends and Family, The greatest gifts in life are not meant to be kept to ourselves, but rather are meant to be shared with others... Read More

  • Priorities Straight

    11/4/2009 — Dear Yad Eliezer, With this donation comes a story. A story of a teacher who inspired her class over the course of a year... Read More

  • Yad Eliezer Has Always Stood Out

    10/25/2009 — Like everyone I receive many solicitations each day. All of them refer to the economy and the needs of the organization and those it helps. Most are very important and most have real needs... Read More

  • Giving Everything You Have

    10/11/2009 — 8.2.98Dear Yitzchak, I was in no rush to write this letter. I preferred to allow my thoughts to flow freely first before committing them to the written word. And this was no accident... Read More

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

    10/11/2009 — 10.1... Read More

  • Father Figure

    9/18/2009 — 28th of Nissan, 5769 (April 22nd, 2009)TO:Rabbi Rafi Kugler, shlitaRabbi Yaacobi, shlitaYad Eliezer, JerusalemSUBJECT:GratitudeAllow me to begin with my thanks to the Creator of the world... Read More

  • Complete Despair

    7/13/2009 — Dear Milka,I am sending this letter with my daughter Avital because I have reached a state of complete despair... Read More


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