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Poverty Rates Increase - Yad Eliezer

Poverty Rates Increase - Yad Eliezer

Monday, October 07, 2013

Prices have gone up and income has gone down. Last month Bituach Leumi, Israeli National Insurance slashed the children's stipend significantly- over 30%. Meanwhile the cost of living continues to rise. As of October 1, milk prices went up by 6% and other dairy products by 5%-8%. Meat and chicken also rose by 6%. The cost of buying a new home rose by 11%, and rental costs have risen by up to 7% in some cities.

But that's not all. Water bills are rising 2.8%, and VAT rose by 1%, as did income tax. Electricity is expected to rise by 10-15% over the coming months. Additional cost hikes are expected in public transpiration and other basic commodities.

Incomes have not increased by nearly as much. The Israeli minimum wage has not been increased since January 2011, and the average monthly income has risen by only 1.6%.

The bottome line is that working families that were just scraping by are being thrown into poverty, and families that were already below the poverty line are going hungry.

We are doing our best to help them stay afloat. Please join us.


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