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Thank you letter JFLA - Yad Eliezer

Thank you letter JFLA - Yad Eliezer

Monday, October 14, 2013

Because holidays can be a particularly difficult and lonely time for single mothers and for the elderly, Yad Eliezer made a point of including them among the many thousands who received food and other essentials this holiday season. We would like to thank the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and all of the other generous donors who joined us in supporting those in need. In addition to our thanks and gratitude, we would like to share with you and excerpt from a letter from one of the single mothers:

"...I have been struggling on my own without help and support- until I
received your generous help that allowed me to buy meat, fish and
chicken. When I first received the vouchers, I became very emotional
and started to cry. I couldn't believe that you cared and wanted to
help carry the terrible weight of the expenses.

How can I put such huge gratitude to words? I am completely overcome
with emotion by your help. You have lifted such a heavy yoke off of my
shoulders! How can I possibly convey the difference on paper? Can
you feel the emotions of my soul and the relief of my tears through
these words? I am writing with a full heart, deeply filled with
gratitude for your help. What chessed you are doing for me! And with
others like myself. You are good hearted people wanting to benefit me
and get me back on my feet, not let me fall into despair. You are
giving me strength to take the next step forward and to not turn
around and look back. As much as I write, it could never be enough to
thank you for the chessed that you are doing..."

This is just one of many letters thanking our donors for their life changing support. Thank you for choosing Yad Eliezer to be your emissaries in this important work.

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