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Yad Eliezer's 2013 Annual Report - Yad Eliezer

Yad Eliezer's 2013 Annual Report - Yad Eliezer

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

  • Why the Deloitte accounting firm praised Yad Eliezer's efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How Yad Eliezer helped over 5000 families during the winter storm, in December of 2013.
  • How the involvement of Yad Eliezer's Big Brother program saved a family from collapse after the mother passed away.
  • How it is that both parents work and yet the family still lives below the poverty line- With an up to date report on poverty in Israel and the effects on the lives of children in Israel.
  • How Yad Eliezer's programs function month by month throughout the calendar year transforming lives day by day.
  • How Dr. Mordechai Tarlow chose to donate to Yad Eliezer's Job Training Fund, and how he transformed the life of a family and helped him become financially independent 
  • How 96% of every dollar you donate goes directly to the families who need your help most, and how our 38 million dollar budget was spent this year.
  • Find out how Yad Eliezer helps families maintain a sense of normalcy, dignity, and stability despite their economic constraints...
And much, much more!
Click here to view the entire report online 
Or send an email to sori@yadeliezer.org to have a hard copy mailed to you


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