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Coats and Blankets for Those In Need -Yad Eliezer

Coats and Blankets for Those In Need -Yad Eliezer

Monday, December 01, 2014

If the rent is affordable, it's unlikely that the apartment is insulated. Mold is ubiquitous, and many families have at least one window, or part of a wall or ceiling that leaks. The winter winds make themselves heard and felt- even with all of the windows closed. Heating is very expensive- to heat an apartment at night is a luxury that poor families cannot afford. Warm coats and quilts are essential to make it through the winter in good health. One mother expressed her gratitude, "Until now my toddler would wake up crying each night. I would go into his room and find that his hands were ice cold, of course he couldn't sleep. I would cry along with him. What could I do? There was no money for heating- not even enough to buy proper quilts or new winter clothing. When I received the coat and quilts from Yad Eliezer I was so very grateful. How can I thank you enough? Now my son sleeps with his coat on and his warm quilt tucked in to the coat. He no longer wakes up crying at night. You can't imagine how much your gift has helped us. Thank you!"

The quilts and coats have been distributed to low income families in the following cities:


Zichron Ya'akov




Tel Tzion







Kiryat sefer


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