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Help Before the Storm - Yad Eliezer

Help Before the Storm - Yad Eliezer

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Last year's storm was not reported in advance by many of the weather stations and hundreds of thousands of families were caught unprepared for a storm that left them without electricity, food supplies and other basic needs. In checkout lines across the country shoppers are discussing their traumas from last year's storm as they stock up on bottled water, candles and canned foods.

But what about the families that don't have the resources to stockpile food supplies? What about the thousands of families in Israel that don't even have heating in their homes, many of which are not properly insulated? After last year's storm we heard stories of babies who's mothers ran out of formula and had nowhere to turn in the midst of the storm. Of single mothers stuggling to keep families warm and fed under nearly impossible conditions. Of elderly people who didn't eat a warm meal for days. Will last year's trauma be repeated? We hope not. But hoping is not enough.

As supermarkets extend their hours and consumers fill their carts, Yad Eliezer's staff and volunteers have also been working overtime- to insure that the disadvantaged families in our communities with have the resources that they need to get through the winter. Yad Eliezer's volunteers have packed thousands of boxes of supplies, including canned foods and kitchen staples. Yad Eliezer's fleet of trucks have traveled the length and breadth of the country delivering food boxes, surplus produce and baby formula to the families that need it most. So far this winter 4,500 quality new winter coats have been distributed to children and 5,000 winter comforters have been distributed in communites throughout Israel. In addition, 450 radiators have been ordered to be delivered to needy families in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Israel.

We know that our efforts will make a huge difference in the lives of the recipients. We have received thank you letters telling us about children who had been sleeping without proper winter blankets in unheated homes for years before receiving quilts from Yad Eliezer. We have received pictures of children wearing warm new winter coats- the first one that they ever had that wasn't a worn out hand-me-down. We know that our efforts make a difference. But we want more.

We want to know that every child has a proper winter coat. We want to know that every elderly person has a proper blanket to warm them during these freezing winter nights. We want to provide heaters to families that have no means to heat their homes.

Will you help us?

It costs $66 for a space heater (10 are $660) and we need 1000.

It costs $25 for a warm coat (10 are $250) and we need 2500.

It costs $12 for a quilt (10 are $120) and we need 5000.

You can warm a life or many lives, and it will warm your heart for a very long time!

Please join us now.


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