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Feed-A-Baby Fundraiser - Yad Eliezer

Feed-A-Baby Fundraiser - Yad Eliezer

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This coming Wednesday evening (Dec 2) and Thursday (Dec 3) there will be a tanitlizing bake sale and a lovely Chinese auction at the home of Shira and Moshe Mendlowitz at 330 Easwood Road in Woodmere NY. And don't miss the class by Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein on 'Finding the light of Chanuka in a dark world' at 10AM on Thursday. This is a wonderful opportunity to get inspired, treat yourself and support a very important cause, Yad Eliezer's Feed-a-Baby program.

Many thanks to all of the commitee members for their help, support and dedication. You make the difference for countless Israeli undernourished babies, insuring that they will get what they need to start their lives off right.

For more information please call 516-270-5783.

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