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Food Vouchers for IDF Soldiers - Yad Eliezer

Food Vouchers for IDF Soldiers - Yad Eliezer

Monday, March 14, 2016

Charity opportunities - Help thousands of IDF soldiers in need

Serving as a soldier in the IDF has many benefits, including the deep sense of satisfaction of knowing that their service is protecting the country and the people that they love. The benefits of serving may be great and many, but they don't include a big paycheck. For some soldiers that's not a problem as they have the support of their families during their years of service, but for lone soldiers who have made aliya and left their families behind, and for soldiers that come from families living beneath the poverty line, having such a meager paycheck can be a source of untold stress and frustration - so much so that some soldiers would rather stay on base for the holidays than go home and face poverty and hunger.

For the past few years Yad Eliezer has been providing food vouchers so that IDF soldiers can celebrate sumptuous holiday meals. This year a generous donor challenged us to raise $150,000 by the beginning of March, which he pledged to match. With the help and support of our donors we have reached our goal of $300,000!!! ...which spells sweet success and will provide vouchers and stipends to thousands of soldiers in need. The donor has offered to match another $10,000, so even if you haven't donated yet, it's not to late to join the campaign and get double the impact for your dollar. Donate now!

This Pesach let's make it a happy holiday for EVERY family in Israel.

Here's the donation link again.
(Images courtesy of flkr IDF www.flickr.com/photos/idfonline/)


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