A healthy winter - for the cost of lunch!

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016. 4:05 AM

Winter is here: the days are shorter, the nights are longer and colder, and the rain is on the way. Proper winter clothing is a must in order to stay healthy, but for some poor families in Israel, even the basics: boots, coats and warm blankets are beyond their budget, never mind the luxury of heating their homes.

Yad Eliezer is a step ahead of the weather. When it was summer in Israel and winter clothing was the last thing on anyone’s mind, we planned ahead and bought 6,873 top quality winter coats at rock bottom prices. The coats have already been distributed to children in 35 cities throughout Israel, bringing smiles to the faces of many thousands of children, and warmth to their hearts in more ways than one. We are very grateful to our donors and community coordinators and volunteers, who helped us reach the families most in need of help, and who gave generously of their time and opened their homes for the coat distributions.

Our work isn’t over yet, there is a long winter ahead, and we want it to be a warm and healthy winter for everyone who turns to us for help. Our goal is to distribute 8500 winter comforters and 500 heaters in addition to the coats that we have already delivered.

Over the years we have been shocked to hear that some of the children who had received quilts from Yad Eliezer were previously sleeping with two or three children under one thin, patched blanket. One mother even wrote us a thank you note saying that her ten year old son was sleeping with his first baby blanket which only covered his back, leaving his legs out in the cold.

Please join us now. A donation of less than you might spend on lunch with a friend is enough to keep a poor child, or an impoverished elderly person warm this winter. For families that cannot afford to heat their drafty apartments at night, a warm quilt can make the difference between a comfortable and healthy winter and disaster.

Please join us now with a generous donation. We are counting on you. Remember, the warmth of our hearts = the warmth in their homes.

To read a clevery written thank you letter from a creative and very grateful mother, click here.

To read more about the Winter Warmth Campaign, click here.

The coats were distributed in:

Kiryat gat
Kiryat malachi
Zichron Ya'akov
Tel aviv
Tel tzion
Bnei brak
Rosh hayain
Neve yaqkov
Ramat Shlomo
Shmuel Hanavi

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