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The "Chesed Torah"-The First of its Kind

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Headed by Rabbi Raphael Butler, the Afikim Foundation worked in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs to commission the writing of a very special Global Unity Torah in honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification, inviting people the world over to “purchase” letters in it, by pledging to do mitzvot.

Yad Eliezer was honored to be invited to partner in this beautiful and meaningful project. Along with their “chesed pledges” participants took the opportunity to generously contribute to our Feed A Baby program, bringing vital nutrition to babies from impoverished families.

At the warehouse event, delighted guests were warmly welcomed by Rabbi Butler, Rabbi Dov Wizel, director of Yad Eliezer, Yossi Kaufman, Director of Public Relations for Yad Eliezer, and Rabbi Yaakov Wizel, founder of Yad Eliezer.

Rabbi Yaakov Wizel described his fond memories of walking to the Kotel Shavuos time, right after it was liberated, noticing Israeli soldiers lining the streets every few feet. He noted that on Shavuos we happily celebrate receiving the Torah, and the Afikim/Yad Eliezer event was also a happy occasion, where everyone present would be participating in the writing of this very special Torah: “Torat Chesed HaRishona” (the first ever, Chesed Torah).

Then the group got to work, eagerly packing food boxes that will be discreetly delivered to the homes of needy families. Afterwards, the joyous atmosphere continued as the Sofer added the sponsored letters to the Global Unity Torah.

It was a morning filled with simcha, enthusiasm and unity. Yad Eliezer is grateful for all the crucial donations received through this project, and proud to have been a part of it!


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