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Ramat Eshkol Package Party Raises +$3000 to Help Feed Babies

Sunday, December 24, 2017

“I had no idea the situation was so extreme-parents having to water down their child’s baby formula, or worse, add water to soup mix to feed their children? Do people know about this?!”

That was the reaction of many of the more than fifty women who attended Yad Eliezer’s Package Party in Ramat Eshkol last week, held to raise funds for our Feed A Baby program.

Opening with an entertaining comedy/mussar improv led by Debbie Hirsch, the evening then continued with a presentation about Feed A Baby, delivered by Miriam Knopfler, the program’s fundraising coordinator. It included an informative video and description of the program, educating about the great level of need in Israel, astounding many of the attendees upon learning the extent to which babies in the country are going hungry. Seeing how Yad Eliezer steps in to feed those hungry babies through our exclusive partnership with the Materna baby formula company, really made an impact.

Next came the package element of the evening. Donated gifts and vouchers for services (such as make-up, haircuts, etc.) had been gift wrapped ahead of time. With only a hint as to what each package contained, knowing the proceeds were going to an extremely worthy cause, partygoers generously bid on each item, and the highest bidder won it.

Delicious refreshments (including sushi!) were served throughout the night and the attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Not only did they learn essential information about this vital program, they can now spread the word to friends and family, helping raise awareness of (and hopefully additional donations for) the Feed A Baby program.

In just one evening, more than $3,000 was brought in, deeming this event a great success. Another evening to benefit the Feed A Baby program is in the planning stages, and will be taking place in the Divrei Chaim area of Jerusalem, in just a few weeks.


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