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8000 Beds Will be Warmer This Winter

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Yad Eliezer continues its fight against poverty and its fight against the cold, this winter. Recently 4500 thick coats were distributed to children in need throughout the country, bringing them not only warmth but also great happiness. (Please read a great thank you letter below.) And now, with the arrival of 8000 heavy winter blankets, bedtime will be much more inviting for the thousands of recipients who will be able to sleep through the night comfortably- without shivering and feeling miserable, counting the minutes until morning. Distribution has already begun in more than 30 cities, warming beds (and their occupants!) throughout the country. A tremendous thank you goes out to our donors who have improved the lives of 8000 additional people plus their families, this winter season.

To the honorable donor:

I’d like to tell you a little story.

I helped distribute coats from the Winter Warmth Campaign you contributed to. One of the recipients was a father who is doing his best to support his large family. He is really struggling though, and they live with very little. The distribution took place Thursday night. I ran into the father the following evening. He proceeded to tell me that his children received their coats that morning. The utter joy and excitement they experienced as they put them on, were so great that they refused to take them off the entire day!

Thank you for giving them that happiness.


Mordechai E.


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