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Another Successful Package Party Benefiting Feed A Baby!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Once again, Yad Eliezer’s Package Party, held last week to benefit our Feed A Baby program, was a great success.

The Jerusalem event hosted 70 women who came to the Zauderer residence to learn about this vital program. Along with the screening of our informative video, Milka Benziman (Yad Eliezer’s intake coordinator) gave an emotional presentation on the importance and value of Feed A Baby. The audience was moved to tears as they learned firsthand about the level of need that Feed A Baby fills-how, without it, hundreds of children in their first year of life would be malnourished due to the cost of formula, which is too high for many families. One attendee commented that she could identify with the challenge of pricey formula, having recently given birth to twins and noting how difficult it would be to feed her babies without a steady, adequate income.

When the package element of the morning began, guests eagerly bid on the pre-wrapped mystery items, knowing that their bids would go straight to the funding of this amazing and crucial program. Among the 45 donated prizes were gift cards to restaurants, clothing boutiques, and other great items. The grand prize was a one night stay at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jerusalem!

Thanks to the generosity of all present plus everyone who contributed to the planning and execution of the event, over $5,000 was raised that morning, giving a strong boost to the Feed A Baby program.


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