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DailyGiving.org Welcomes Yad Eliezer

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Best tzedaka organization in Israel 

Yad Eliezer is excited and proud to be counted among 30+ tzedaka organizations included in a new venture, dailygiving.org. The initiative, just a few weeks old and quickly growing, was inspired by a lesson that stuck with its creators after going to a shir: Don't discount the power of mitzvot.

This led them to create the aptly-named site, which enables people to actively do at least one mitzva every single day of the year-give tzedaka. In order to get their mission moving though, dailygiving needed to find worthwhile charities to work with. The founders knew that fighting poverty was a crucial goal, high on the list of tzedaka priorities. Impressed with our history of help and track record for reaching so many people while maintaining extremely low overhead, Yad Eliezer came to mind. We are honored to be among dailygiving's recipients! For more details please visit https://dailygiving.org/

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