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Welcome back, Lander College for Women!

Monday, March 04, 2019

Yad Eliezer was once again honored to be on the receiving end of Lander College for Women's amazing help, in time for Purim. Chani Twersky, the college's Israel representative, writes: 

"Getting into the Purim spirit, 50+ seminary students from across Yerushalayim, Modi'in and Givat Washington gathered together in Bayit V'gan on Monday, February 18th, in order to package creative Purim baskets for disadvantaged families in Israel. At this Lander College for Women-sponsored evening, costume pieces, megillos, Purim comic books, groggers, face masks, face make-up and of course, food were in abundance, to be packaged in an artistic manner as per the creativity of each individual student. The results were absolutely magnificent! These packages will be distributed via Yad Eliezer to needy families in Ofakim in order to enhance their simchas Yom Tov. Lander College for Women is proud to have sponsored and facilitated this event in order to contribute to the underprivileged families in Israel."

As usual, our great thanks go to the women of Lander College who will help transform Purim for Ofakim families!

You can get into the Purim spirit by donating to our Matanot L'Evyonim fund and by purchasing Yad Eliezer's Purim cards!

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