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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Support Yad Eliezer's big brothers big sisters program

Yad Eliezer's Big Brothers/Sisters program is a crucial initiative, one that pairs qualified, screened and specially trained mentors with children at risk. The boys and girls enrolled in the program come from families with challenges including divorce, abuse, and poverty. They struggle with schoolwork and low self esteem, often trying to make it through their days, lonely and lacking positive adult support.  

Making a difference in the lives of these children are our Big Brothers/Sisters, who dedicate themselves to helping their kids. Homework assistance and tutoring, friendship and quality time together transform their realities, boosting their self esteem and providing them with healthy relationships. 

That's why, when the program's budget was in danger, it was crucial to infuse it with much needed funds to ensure its continuation. A call was put out to the public for help, and donors worldwide answered it.

Working with Charidy.com, Yad Eliezer set up an 'all or nothing campaign' where each donation was tripled and incredibly, the 18 million NIS goal was reached in just 36 hours.

A huge thank you goes out to all our donors, who are the reason 13,000 children (plus an additional 1800 who were stuck on waiting lists) will be helped with essential guidance, direction and companionship, giving them security now and great chances at having more promising futures.


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