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ExLibris Helps Kids Get Ready for School

Employees contribute school supplies to benefit children who can't afford them

Thursday, August 22, 2019

With the start of the new school year just around the corner, parents throughout the country are helping their children get ready. The time has come for annual school supply shopping trips, as the summer winds down.

But with high prices, multiplied several times for multiple children, it's a daunting project for needy families - especially when other basic needs in the home remain unmet. Help for these families is available through Yad Eliezer's Back to School Campaign, which provides gift cards redeemable at the Chanan stationery & office supply chain for new school supplies. This year, additional help for families-in-need came by way of a school supply drive organized by the staff at ExLibris, a software company located in Jerusalem's Technology Park. Sara Yitzhaky, an ExLibris employee who contacted us to coordinate the project, explains:

"ExLibris is always looking for ways to give back to the community. Each school year, we run an internal back to school drive to help children who do not have the resources to purchase school supplies. Being in the education field, ExLibris values the importance of children having the tools needed to succeed in their studies. This year, we are donating school supplies, with the help of Yad Eliezer, to children from poor families in Netivot. We want to ensure that our future leaders have the supplies needed to walk into the first day of school with confidence and excitement!"

Yad Eliezer couldn't agree more.
Thoughtful and practical initiatives like this really make a difference and we thank ExLibris for reaching out to help

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