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You Made the Difference this Yom Tov

for thousands of needy Israeli families

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Take a look--

"With great emotion and deep thanks, I thank you for the help you provided me and my family with, for the holidays. My wife passed away about a year ago and it's very difficult for me to continue on, and also to bring in an income. Without your vital support it would have been very, very difficult for me to prepare for and celebrate the chagim. I truly must thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Words will never suffice to fully express my gratitude but I will try. I must thank you for the support you provided for me and my family in honor of the chagim. It enabled us to bring in the yom tov with great happiness and helped cover the many expenses we have for a large family, B”H. May your donors be blessed doubly for all the kindnesses they have done for us!"

Thousands of families just like these were able to set their tables, cook festive foods, make preparations with excitement, and celebrate their holidays this year with dignity. And that dignity brought incredible happiness into homes where, due to living in great need, it is so often lacking.

Your generous donations to Yad Eliezer made that happen- for them, for widows and other single parents, families in crisis, thousands of struggling soldiers (3,700 to be exact) and so many others.

Thank you!


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