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Staying on top of Their Game

Yad Eliezer's Big Brothers/Sisters are constantly learning & improving

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Since its inception eighteen years ago, the Yad Eliezer Big Brothers/Sisters Mentoring Program has served as a lifeline to tens of thousands of children. The project was designed to provide support for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds including single parent homes, those contending with parental dysfunction, death, an ill family member, severe poverty or other difficult circumstances. 

Mentors provide greatly needed guidance and companionship

Our unique initiative pairs qualified, carefully screened Big Brothers & Sisters with children who are in need of direction and stability. Most are performing poorly at school. Many are at risk of dropping out completely and still others are likely to abandon their faith. But our mentors astutely nurture them, providing greatly needed guidance and companionship, meeting three times a week for an hour each time to help them complete schoolwork, catch up to their classmates and then stay on top of their studies.

These positive role models also accompany and navigate "their kids" through life’s challenges, serving as a reliable source of emotional support who are always ready and eager to listen. They often fill in for parents at school-related events like parent-teacher conferences and learning programs, and will be found hosting their kids for shabbos and holidays and standing in at milestone events like bar mitzvahs. Providing this type of all-encompassing help is what Yad Eliezer's all about, just one of the reasons why it's considered one of the best Israeli charities.

Ongoing instruction and enrichment courses keep Big Brothers/Sisters up to date

With so much responsibility on their shoulders, Yad Eliezer's Big Brothers and Sisters must undergo constant training and instruction. They attend enrichment sessions in cities throughout the country year round, ensuring that they are updated with the latest knowledge based advancements associated with education, child psychology, and at-risk behaviors. Last year's eighty sessions were just completed a few weeks ago, and the mentors have just started a new round. Improvements to the Big Brothers/Sisters program are constantly added and this year, included among them is an in-depth, point to point correspondence system between mentors, parents and program coordinators, enabling them all to stay on the same page and on top of the numerous factors that contribute to each child's well-being and issues that are being addressed.

Yad Eliezer's Big Brothers and Sisters continue to work rigorously, carefully and lovingly bringing their children the most effective assistance and support, possible. Their guidance is life changing, enabling their charges to reach their potential and develop into well-adjusted, productive members of society.

You can lower the risk for a child at risk, helping them overcome life's obstacles and find a brighter path to success, by donating to our Big Brothers and Sisters program.


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